Who Am I?

This is a question I’d asked myself more times than there are blades of grass in a summer field.

Who am I?

Every time I asked this question, though I had an answer, none of them satisfied me and I was able to, with precision, knock down each. Who am I? Well, I am a Chef. No. I am not my career. I am a sister, an aunt, a partner. No, I am not defined by these, either.

Who am I? I am a nice person? Hm. I am not my personality characteristics. Crap. Who am I, then?

For years I never I had a response that resonated, that stuck, that I couldn’t poke holes in, rendering it defunct.

Then I remembered some of what I’d learned in life. I remembered the interconnectivity of all things, all people and, indeed, this entire planet we call home. I remembered Carl Sagan reminding us we’re made of the same materials as everything in this known universe, that we’re all, in the end, star dust.

I remembered my readings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, then he reminded us we are the world, psychologically and that, when we understand ourselves, we understand the whole human structure.

I remembered we’re not islands, not insular, not divided, as we’re so often indoctrinated to believe.

I realized, with a tremendous start, that I’d been asking the wrong question. The moment I changed the question, the response came to immediately, stuck and forever shaped me.

What am I?


To everyone and everything.

Photoshop Phone

I started using Photoshop years ago — sometime after version 5.5 came out. I’ve been using it since. Here’s some examples of phones I’ve created in Photoshop – just to see if I could.

My first took me a little over four hours, and resulted in:

Many years later, I revisited the idea, hoping to have refined my skills and methodology:

Finally, about a year ago, and no longer with a landline phone as reference, I used my then Google Pixel XL:

All images created using exclusively Photoshop, but for the last image, where I used a photo of a commercial tower as the wallpaper background.

New domain

I’ve created a new website, with a new domain name. Now the tedium of creating my old posts from Nikita.co

Thanks for dropping by! I’ll be posting more updates as often as possible. Left column also screams for some content.

Photo gallery coming next.

*Edit: Gallery is up and good to go