Does anyone read these things?

I’m a trans person trying to make a move across country to Newfoundland, of all places! I seek to be affected by the cooling and inviting waters of the north Atlantic, kissed by it’s diffuse sunlight and enveloped in it’s early morning blanket of fog. I’m buried in the logistics of this move, to make it as smooth a process as possible. Finding doctors, resources, and everything a trans person needs, long before I step foot on the soil. Looking forward to it, always.

I occupy my time with many passions, from graphic design, interface design, to photography, writing, and spending time cooing at my puppy. She’s a min pin chiweenie. She also suffers from extreme separation anxiety, so training her to be on her own in a room can mean she’s, at times, very whiny. Very.

If you’d like to peek at my photos, or a selection thereof, go peek.